I have to admit I am more than a little nervous about this episode, not because it was difficult to record or anything of the sort, but that I can even possibly hope to live up to the reputation of quality that my guest if the vanguard of.  Roughly a week ago I sat down on a Sunday and had an absolutely delightful conversation with my friend the Godmother of Faff from Alternative Chat.  In fact I managed to get so wrapped up in the conversation that I forgot to have her plug her own stuff, and had to dub that in later.

If you are not very familiar with her work, you should be.  She records the Alternative Chat podcast and blog and the very awesomely condensed Azeroth in 5 podcast where she rams and entire week worth of content into five minutes.  We talk about her world, gaming, her passion for World of Warcraft and all manner of conversation topics held somewhere in the middle.  Together we filled an hour of conversation in what felt like a matter of minutes, and I felt like we could have continued on for another hour more easily.  Hopefully you all will enjoy it as much as I did.

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