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Horrible Night

1685929-797522_xo_manowar___bws_super Last night was supposed to be our guild attempt on Turn 9 again in Final Fantasy XIV.  I logged in ready to go, and then all hell broke loose.  We had two servers go down at work, and I spent my night working with a coworker trying to bring them back online.  While all this was happening, the guild rightfully filled my spot and the show went on without me.  It sounds like maybe they got through another phase but I was not paying that close of attention to what was going on in Teamspeak.  I spent most of the night watching those servers, trying to make sure that they were not going to go down again.  I got a 9:30 pm call from my boss which freaked me out, because my mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that something had happened again.  Turns out he was just returning my call from earlier in the evening that apparently he missed.

The problem is as stressful as my actual evening went… it apparently spilled over into my dreams.  In my dream I was interviewing Robert Downey Jr. and he was extremely agitated.  He was pacing around the room, and I kept trying to the bottom of why.  Suddenly he got mad with me and transformed into the Ironman suit from his briefcase.  He fired a shot at me, and I responded by turning into the X-O Manowar suit.  We battled back and forth in this conference room.  One of his repulsor beams blew a hole in the wall and outside I could see the Ultramarines fighting some sort of giant Kaiju.  Finally they defeated it and stormed into the building to assist me.  Moments from capturing Robert Downey Jr. turned Ironman…  I apparently woke up.  It was a strange night.

Capping Poetics

ffxiv 2015-03-16 19-51-15-65 While semi-afk and working on servers I happened to notice movement in my game screen.  It turns out the entire guild was swarmed around me trying to lure me back from wherever I happened to be.  Unfortunately it didn’t work and it took another thirty minutes or so before things were finally restored.  Since I missed the boat for raid time… and quite honestly I didn’t feel like I should get involved in something that serious I opted to run hardmodes for poetics.  I went into the night sitting around 200 poetics of the 450 cap.  Through a series of hard modes, trials and a random expert with guildies when the raid was over I managed to get within a single point of capping.  This meant I was within a single trial of cap, so I stayed up and did just that… managing to get the most frustrating Ifrit Hard mode I have ever experienced.  The tank failed to have shield oath up, which meant that the white mage quite literally tanked Ifrit for most of the kill.

If nothing else capping poetics was a bit of a silver lining to an otherwise shitty night.  Right now I am very much in this mode of trying to cap every week so I can finish gearing out my main the Warrior.  As far as pieces to purchase, I need a couple of pieces of jewelry, the belt and the chest piece… and then a bunch of weeks to past to get the necessary carboncoat and carbontwine to upgrade them to 130.  In any case there is still a lot of upgrades ahead of me, and my hope is to get to as much 130 gear as I can before the release of the 2.55 patch which is supposedly March 31st.  That seems really damned soon considering we just recently had the Golden Saucer patch, but I guess they are wanting to give players time with that patch to finish things up before June 19th and the Heavensward headstart.  I guess now that I think about that, it is only giving players a month with 2.55 which makes sense as something that they would want to do.

Guar Wrangler

eso 2015-03-16 23-59-44-25 After the night that I had I should have just gone straight to bed.  The problem is I was still very much still “worked up” over the events.  I likely could not have slept if I had tried, so throughout the night I had been patching up Elder Scrolls Online, and decided to pop my head in.  It turns out that they flipped the switch for Tamriel Unlimited a bit early, and folks were able to log in and play last night.  Overall the transition seemed smooth enough, and all of my pets and such got sucked into the new collections system.  Similarly I was granted 4500 crowns to spend on the in game shop, and with that I picked up the stealth armor pack that had this very cool covenant armor set, and the guar that I am riding on.  I also picked up the Wildhelm dog pet, because he looked adorable.

As far as the game itself, I had been popping my head in Tamriel once or twice a week for awhile now.  After the change I didn’t really detect anything to strange other than the fact that I now had a champion point to spend, and had to respec my character completely.  That was the hardest part, trying to decide and remember what I had before.  I feel like I probably ended up with a similar build to before… but I can’t be too certain.  I am still heavily sword and shield dragon knight, and that seems effective.  I wandered around and managed to take out a world mini-boss at some ghost pirate camp without much issue, so I am happy with the results.  I look forward to getting more time to explore the Aldmeri Dominion now that the champion system feels like I am actually making forward momentum again.  Now I just have to live with the consequences of having limited sleep.

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Guar Wrangler

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