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Weekly Caps

ffxiv 2015-03-19 23-18-41-40 Another weekend down, and I have somehow managed to cap poetics at the 11th hour.  I did not get near as much playtime as I would have liked over the weekend, and I was pretty horrible about managing to do an expert roulette every single day.  That said I still managed to cap without a whole lot of issue yesterday evening while watching television.  This meant that I also managed to get a second item this week in the form of the ironworks neckpiece.  Right now this only leaves me with the ring that is sub 120, as far as the full set of poetics gear I still need a chest and a belt.  One of those will take multiple weeks to get, so at this point I am trying to decide whether or not to go after the expensive piece, or to go for another 375 item and upgrade my final 110 item to 120.  I really wish that World of Darkness had a shot at dropping jewelry, or at the very least rings since that seems to be the problem item for all of my classes.

The problem with rings in Final Fantasy XIV is that they are unique equipped.  Now there is a slight trick to this, that the unimproved and improved version of the same ring count as two separate items.  This means I could buy a second ironworks ring now that I have an augmented one and get rid of that last 110 slot that way.  This always feels wasteful since you are essentially never going to use that non-augmented ring for anything other than a bridge to slightly higher stats.  This is one of those things that I hope they work around in the expansion, making more ways to fill that second ring slot without resorting to wasteful spending of tokens.  Another thing I would love to see is for max level players to get a few tokens for running free company mates through low level content.  I was honestly concerned that I might not make the cap this week because I spent most of my weekend tanking lower stuff for friends.  I wouldn’t change a thing, but it would have been nice to know I am slowly inching towards the cap when we were running Dzemael Darkhold or Aurum Vale.

Lower Content

ffxiv 2015-03-22 18-35-46-30 Other than the stress about hitting the 450 poetics weekly cap, I had a blast this weekend running free company mates through lower level content.  Over the course of the weekend I tanked a few primal fights, a couple of trips into Stone Vigil, a couple of trips into Dzemael Darkhold, and if I am remembering correctly at least one trip into Haukke Manor.  Essentially anytime a guildie needed something run, I stepped up and offered…  sometimes with some caveats attached like that I was already in a run.  What makes me even more happy is it seems like most of the guild is doing the exact same thing.  Our folks really genuinely seem to enjoy helping, and this makes me extremely happy to see it in action.  I find it interesting that even though we are spending a lot of time running content below our actual gear levels, that they still feel fresh and challenging each time we sit foot in them.  That is a real testament to just how good their dungeon content is, that after running Haukke for what has to be close to the 100th time, it still feels just as enjoyable.

The awesome thing is that thanks to all of this dungeon running we have a whole new flock of players getting close to hitting the level cap on their first classes.  I believe Syl hit 47 on her Black Mage, and I know Grace is somewhere in the 46ish range after our various runs throughout the weekend.  What is so awesome about this is that doing 8 player content is going to be all that much easier as we keep adding new folks to the mix.  The awesome thing is, there is a possibility that at some point we can actually be running two full parties at the same time.  This is going to be great for offering lots of different content options to the group as a whole.  It is a super exciting time to be playing Final Fantasy XIV in the Greysky Armada, and all of it just has me pumped to log in each night.  I am thoroughly enjoying the game and really looking forward to June and the Heavensward expansion.  That said also really looking forward to the 2.55 patch coming March 31st.

Night Means Business

FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150322124217 I spent some time yesterday afternoon playing the Final Fantasy XV demo, otherwise known as “Episode Duscae”.  The demo starts our cast of road trippers a bit into the content from the sounds of it.  Their vehicle has broken down and they are having to make some cash to pay for repairs.  This serves as a way to teach the player about combat.  The other thing that it should have taught me better was that the day/night cycle means serious business.  I did what I always do in games, and went wandering off the path looking for combat wherever I could find it.  I took on packs of Saberwolves, and foolhardily a giant pack of what I think were called “Gerdua”.  They were these huge lumbering tusked calf things, and somehow I managed to aggro around a dozen of them.  I got a lot of practice using the parry options to take them down.  As night fell the game reminded me that I really should camp for the night.  The problem is it did not really message well where i should camp or even how I should go about doing this.  On my map was a house icon, and an exclamation point there saying something about making camp.

So I wandered off in that direction in the middle of the night, and from out of the sky came a horribly bright light signaling an enemy drop ship was just about to flood me with baddies.  After dispatching the first party of four heavily armored troopers, I started getting attacked by Goblins.  The goblins were no big deal because they had minimal hit points, in fact after some time I started really enjoying wrecking them.  That was until a second and third drop ship showed up…  so I started trying to juggle eight heavily armored troopers and a half dozen goblins running in to fight me.  I was actually holding my own for a bit, until the Saberwolves started showing up…  and at that point I was pretty much done for.  I thought to myself “That Escalated Quickly” and it really did… one minute I am doing just fine and feeling like I have a chance and the next moment the entire world seems to be attacking me.  So when this game tells you to camp…  I suggest you camp.

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Night Means Business

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