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On Spoilers

This week has been an absolutely insane one, and I have had this feeling of constantly being behind the curve.  So it is no surprise that yesterday I was just not getting around to listening to the relaunch of the Contains Moderate Peril podcast, now with the addition Jaedia and Jasyla joining the cast of permanent hosts.  One of the topics that landed on was a discussion about spoilers.  I have this mixed feeling about the concept of information being spoiled, and it largely centers around the fact that I don’t generally mind them.  If nothing else knowing there is a plot twist coming up, only serves to enhance my interest in the product.  I can only think of one instance where a spoiler actually stopped me from watching the show… and that primarily was because the single character I cared about was killed, and I didn’t feel like going through the motions of watching it happen.

All of this said I am super sensitive about potentially spoiling someone else’s experience.  For example on AggroChat when we are about to discuss major plot points, even if it is a game well past the statute of limitations on such things… we still tend to preface it with “spoiler alert”.  All of this discussion however has made me realize how generally awesome my twitter feed actually is.  I can count on one hand the number of times that I have seen information in it that was actually a spoiler to anyone.  Similarly the group of people that I hang around with and game with seem to be equally sensitive to such information.  I just find it interesting that we don’t consider reading the book before going to see the movie spoilers, but when we read a plot synopsis it is somehow different.  I will say that knowing the “Red Wedding” was coming, only served to enhance my enjoyment of that season of Game of Thrones, because I knew at some point this event would happen.  That said… I would have been pissed as hell had someone spoiled any moment of the Harry Potter books for me, so I guess it goes both ways.

Back to Blackrock

Wow-64 2015-03-20 06-34-13-03 Since my world was insane Monday and Tuesday… I ended up missing my World of Warcraft raid group night.  As a result last night was my first time back this week, and it felt a little odd to be back in the game.  It seems on Tuesday they managed to down everything we currently have on farm but the Operator Thogar encounter…  which is fine by me because so far that is hands down my favorite fight this expansion.  It took a few tries but I think on attempt three we managed to down Thogar again.  I was absolutely shocked when I saw loot pop up on the corpse, since we generally run on personal loot.  Our raid leader said that we had very few upgrades that could be gotten so that personal loot was no longer the big draw it once was.  Unfortunately I have to disagree with him as I have not had a single upgrade in going on seven raids.  I’ve gotten nothing but gold, and in many cases double gold since I am spending tokens left and right.  I kept expecting that one of the weeks the slot machine of a loot system would pay out… but I am guessing that is no longer the case.

I was really hoping this week would be my week to pick up shoulders, since I have been sitting on the chest piece for a few weeks now.  Neither piece is an upgrade unless I am also getting the two piece set bonus for wearing them.  I am annoyed that I still have four slots that are sub 670 gear, but given time I will hopefully find some upgrades.  One of the things I was not expecting is that they bumped Blackrock Foundry gear up by 5 ilevels, which actually makes LFR worthwhile for a couple of slots like my 640 legs.  As far as progression content we worked on the Heart of the Mountain encounter for a bit before popping out of the instance, flipping it to heroic and working on Hans and Franz.  On our best attempt we managed to get them down to 8% but we had various issues.  Largely we were flying without a safety net last night as both our Deathknight and our Healing Druid were not in attendance… meaning we had no battle rezzes at all.  I am getting frustrated that we are struggling with this attendance hump, not quite being able to get all the right classes we need to succeed on at the right time.

Pope Belghast

ffxiv 2015-03-19 22-56-58-83 Before and after the raid I spent time in what has become my more comfortable gaming home… Final Fantasy XIV.  For a period of time I was splitting myself fairly equally between World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, but honestly at this point I am only actually logging in twice a week because I feel a sense of commitment to the raid.  The thing that has always been missing in every game we have played is a huge thriving community.  Right now we have that in Final Fantasy in spades, and in fact I would say our average player base is easily twice the number of people who are actually online regularly in House Stalwart.  I want to say Ashgar said that over the last few days we had 55 unique players online, and we often top 20 on a nightly basis.  For awhile I was actively recruiting players, but folks seem to keep recruiting themselves once they hear about the Free Company.  All of this makes me a very happy Belghast.

After yesterdays post about being a reluctant healer, Ashgar took it upon himself to convince me to heal expert roulette last night.  I told them this was a horrible idea, but they didn’t really listen and I endangered the lives of not only Ash but also Thalen and Solaria.  It turns out that I honestly didn’t do too horribly.  We ended up getting Keeper of the Lake which is a frustrating instance at the best of times.  We died to the very first boss, but I believe that was the only time we wiped, and I only managed to lose a player once… and that was on the final boss encounter where I swiftcasted a battle rez.  Yesterday after the WoW raid I spend most of the time milling around in the housing district, when we had a brilliant idea.  I have been sitting on the player commendation pope hat for awhile, and with my soldiery healer gear… it just worked too perfectly not to use it.  I even have a proper miter in my hands.  I introduce to you Pope Belghast, the reluctant healer.

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Pope Belghast

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