Turn 9 Progress

Mining Delays

ffxiv 2015-03-09 06-05-17-02 Last night I had every intention to come right home from work and start mining like a boss.  I made an oven pizza, fixed my plate and was all set to catch up on the last few episodes of Star Wars Rebels while mashing buttons to break rocks.  However upon logging into the game I instantly had a group invite waiting from Tam, which generally means I am needed to go run something.  Turns out last night I got drafted to tank a random expert roulette.  Granted I had been capped on poetics for awhile at that point, seeing as I capped out sometime Saturday morning during the Pax East live stream.  However I know my FC Mates were not quite there yet, and Ashgar needed a random expert for his alexandrite map.  So I swapped back into my tanking gear and ran through Amdapor Keep Hard, which went pretty smoothly all things considered.

I kept trying to get back into mining last night but one thing or another kept sidetracking me.  I started the evening at 44 and ended the evening at 47 which I guess isn’t too horrible all things considered, especially when I put in as little actual mining time as I did.  This is why I tend to progress poorly through crafting content.  If presented the option of smashing monsters in the face, I will always take that option.  So over the course of the night I did an expert roulette, a random S Rank hunt, a treasure map…  all to avoid going back to the mining grind.  I will likely put in some effort on it this evening before my WoW raid, but I doubt I will hit 50 just yet.  Hopefully at the least on Wednesday I can wrap that up and start work on the next profession.

Turn 9 Progress

ffxiv 2015-03-02 20-18-37-90

Last night was my second night of work on Turn 9 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, or more correctly the final turn of the Second Coil of Bahamut.  I spent significantly less amount time derping it up this week, and we spent more time kicking ass and taking names.  When we last played we were unable to get through the meteor phase reliably.  We were attempting the “roulette” method of everyone bunching up and then the group running around the circle each time someone gets a meteor.  This method requires the group to run together, and then stop at certain points until the next meteor spawns in.  The person who just got the last meteor has to cut across the circle to catch up to the party again.  For me at least it felt like pure chaos and while we managed to get through the phase once or twice doing this… it never felt like something that was terribly repeatable.

This week we threw  the suggested rules out the window and actually started to pull together that phase of the fight.  Instead of grouping up, we all spread out along the outer ring of the room.  As a meteor would drop, that player would run to another person and group up, essentially slowly dropping the rocks around the outside of the room equally spaced.  It probably seems a lot more chaotic to watch, but for us it felt far more controlled as it gave time for folks to get off a few heals during this phase.  Towards the end of the night we were able to consistently nail the meteor phase and get into phase three proper.  Now we need to learn this phase, because right now without really knowing the pattern fully… it feels insane.  My hope is if we can keep learning a phase a week we will down it shortly.  I am really enjoying turn nine, because it feels awesome when we a nail super difficult phase.

Playing Big Kid

ffxiv 2015-03-09 22-31-51-81 We performed admirably in turn nine considering that for the most part our entire raid felt out of it for one reason or another.  In fact due to the daylight savings time crap, we considered even maybe trying something a bit easier.  However once the heat of battle started, we managed to wake up and pull things together.  However those first few pulls were rather questionable.  After getting out of the dungeon I returned to mining for a bit, and had just finished a level when my friend Cuppy logged in.  A few weeks back I had to halt an intended run of Sastasha because it was going to cut into raid time, and felt pretty horrible for having to do it.  It turns out she pugged it and was now ready for Tam Tara Deepcroft, so no matter what my plans were I was totally down with running it with her.  So I put on my Paladin outfit, and like always we had a number of volunteers ready to help out.

The final mix ended up being Cuppy on her Arcanist, me on my Paladin, Thalen on his White Mage, and Kodra barding it up.  Like most low level dungeons it went extremely smoothly, but we took our time making sure to kill every last monster in the place for the maximum amount of experience.  The only time I seem to find myself playing a paladin is when doing older content, because it seems significantly easier to tank with a paladin.  Namely I find myself constantly teetering on the edge of not having any TP when I am playing my Warrior, whereas on the paladin I can just keep flashing and power through the place.   If in an absolute worse case scenario I run out of MP, I could always resort to riot blade.  Sadly however nothing of use dropped for Cuppy, so I have a feeling we will be running that place some more.  The Acolyte’s set is amazing, and will hold a player until they are somewhere in their mid 20s.  Doing piddly little dungeon runs like this really make me happy, and make me feel more connected with my free company, so it was an excellent way to close the evening.

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Turn 9 Progress

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