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AggroChat 51 – Awesome Outfits

Last night was a bit of an odd showing because for various reasons and the majority of the week it looked like it would be the Ashgar and Belghast show.  However some timing worked out well and we managed to talk our good friend Thalen into joining the fun.  Thalen is one of those people that I have known in some context for over a decade.  While he didn’t raid with us in LNR, he had connections to our raid through mutual friends and we spent a lot of time conversing with his raid Last Horse that Warenwolf also came from.  Post Vanilla he has been a pretty permanent fixture of any guild I have been part of, and for the late BC early Wrath era we together with a few others representing the founders of the Duranub Raiding Company.  Needless to say Thalen is one of those people that has always been in my life in one form or another for a very long time.

We had this strange meandering show last night where in truth none of us had really been playing much of anything super exciting.  We dove into a few odd topics like World of Warcraft making some bad calls with Warlords of Draenor, and how important it is for us to look awesome when we are playing games.  We talk about some of the lengths we have gone to in order to track down cosmetic gear.  As far as games discussed we talk Dungeons and Dragons, Mega Man ZX,. Shin Megami Tensei IV, Persona 4 Golden, Axiom Verge, and a little Darkest Dungeon.  We like always talk a lot about Final Fantasy XIV and what we have been up to there.  Thalen has now leapt ahead of me in the classes to 50 race… with six to my five.  However he did make a smarter call then I did with leveling Arcanist which essentially gets you both Scholar and Summoner.  I think if I can ever get my Arcanist to 30 I will be set, since I can queue as a healer from that point on.

Rotund Buddy

ffxiv 2015-04-04 10-22-21-38 Yesterday I decided spend a bit more of my winnings from the Golden Saucer.  The first 8000 mgp I earned went towards buying the ponytail upgrade for the Aesthetician.  After that I was not quite certain what I should pick up.  I have been going back and forth on buying the blood sword for some time, simply because it is freaking awesome looking.  The problem is I am not sure if I have a decent looking shield to go with it…  and I really don’t spend that much time tanking on my Paladin other than very low level content.  It seemed like it might end up being a waste of 10,000 mgp.  Instead I decided to go with something that would make me happy all the time.  I ended up grabbing the “Heavy Hatchling” minion, which is adorably waddle-y fat.  It sits there barely staying upright and every so often almost looses its balance as it sniffs around looking for food.

The best part about the pet is that it doesn’t run around like a normal minion.  Instead it hops around on its butt.  I seriously was easily amused for a good ten minutes after getting it running circles in the Gold Saucer.  Most people I know have been working on saving the cash to get the Setzer jacket, which is cool…  but I was never much of a fan of Setzer in Final Fantasy VI to be honest.  He was a means to an end for me… he had the worlds only Airship… and I needed an Airship.  He never actually got any play other than those few times when you absolutely had to use every single character you had gotten.  The jacket is just too flamboyant for my tastes…  I think I prefer a dyed version of Snow’s jacket better for most cosmetic outfits.  Anyways I guess the next 10,000 mgp I end up with I will finally go ahead and pick up that blood sword.

Coil Revisited

ffxiv 2015-04-04 19-34-54-56 Last night we decided to take a bunch of the new 50s into the Binding Coil of Bahamut to do turns one through four.  It many ways it felt like coming home, because it had been so long since we last did any of the content.  I managed to pick up another piece of the High Allagan plate armor, which was pretty awesome.  We had a bit of a stumbling block on coil turn 2, in part because we collapsed to early on the first attempt.  On attempt two we pushed through without much issue.  I was pleasantly surprised that we oneshot turn four, since I remember us having some issue with it.  Since we were doing so well we opted to go ahead and push into Turn 5, so that the new recruits could see the difference.  Unless you have experienced it… you cannot fully appreciate how much the content drops the bottom out on you when you get into turn 5.  I got all sorts of warm fuzzies though walking in because our experience of learning turn 5 was so enjoyable for me.

All in all the group did admirably, and we managed to make it to the dive bomb phase several times.  Admittedly we had myself, Ashgar and Cylladora that had been there numerous times…  but they picked up and learned the fight extremely quickly all things considered.  At the very least they made progress in a single night that took us several weeks.  I hope we can go back there with the same group and get them all through turn 5.  I have a feeling this is going to be a somewhat regular occurrence since you need turn 5 to unlock the second coil of Bahamut.  In other news… I am really hoping that we make some serious progress on the fourth phase of Turn 9 this Monday.  I am so ready to defeat that encounter so we can move forward into the Final Coil of Bahamut.  At this point we have a few months before Heavensward, and it is probably hoping for too much… but I would really love to defeat the Final Coil before the expansion lands.

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