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Wandering around Wildstar

WildStar64 2015-06-06 10-49-11-09 Yesterday I had every intent to work on either leveling my Rogue or to work on getting poetics in Final Fantasy XIV.  However recently I have had a resurgence of friends checking out Wildstar again so I opted to boot that up after finishing yesterdays blog post.  To set the stage some of my friends from the FFXIV Free Company also lead quite possibly the largest guild on the Entity server.  To call this guild “active”, is like calling the national debt “a large number.”  This is a double edges sword because so often I feel like I am struggling to keep up with the activity going on in game.  Wildstar is already an extremely busy game for me, and to have guild chat scrolling by like mad, as well as the assorted circles I am in is a bit of a sensory overload.  So it is sheer luck that I happened to be paying attention to guild chat at just the right time yesterday.

WildStar64 2015-06-06 10-44-07-79One of my guildies was gathering up a group to take down Grendelus the Guardian, the world boss of Celestion.  Now at this point I had not actually been to Celestion but they were awesome and willing to wait for me to find my way out there.  Thankfully I was right next to the gates to Thayd and could hop across the city and get into Celestion in nothing flat.  Firstly I want to say that when I saw Grendelus was only level 11 I was thinking this was going to be more of a token fight than a serious one.  Those assumptions were completely wrong, because even at level 18 Grendelus was serious business.  In fact we had a few level 50s with us in our group taking him down and it still took roughly fifteen minutes from the time we pulled to the moment we managed to down him.  I remember world bosses existing and that folks banded together to fight them at launch, but I never actually managed to participate in one.  I do however remember trying to take on King Honeygrave with a group of friends not really understanding that he was designed as a raid encounter.

World Boss Train

WildStar64 2015-06-06 17-47-43-40 As it turns out that these world bosses are needed as part of the super complex raid attunement system in Wildstar.  It also turns out that apparently even though I am level 18, when I participate in one of them I am getting credit that will eventually work in my favor when it finally comes time to do the attunements proper.  I guess when you hit maximum level you get retroactive credit for all of the world bosses you have killed, or at least that is what my guild seemed to insinuate.  Firstly I have to say how impressed I am with the way that the Black Dagger Society rolls into zones.  Last night I managed to hook up with what was essentially a guild World Boss train, and they openly offer anyone in zone that wants to tag along a spot in the raid group.  In fact they were more than willing to wait for people running in from Thayd to get there before starting.  There is this infectious spirit about them that is really enjoyable to be around.

WildStar64 2015-06-06 17-52-06-81 So while I didn’t get much actual leveling done yesterday, I did manage to knock four raid bosses off the list.  I had been kind of shy about offering my help when things were going on in guild, but as I am starting to get to know the members better I am feeling more open about stepping up to the challenge.  I’ve had moments of people jokingly asking if I was “THE Belghast”, and more people seem to know me than I know them…  but overall I am slowly working my way into meeting all of the folks in the guild.  It seems like a really great place to hang my hat, and had I NOT joined I have a feeling that Chestnut would have been a really sad panda.  I am hoping with me dialing back World of Warcraft, that I can actually participate in more events that are going on there.  The guild has a whole has these big events on a somewhat regular basis, so my hope is that I can get in on some of them in the coming weeks.

AggroChat 60 – Second Chances

Tonight on AggroChat we have Belghast, Tamrielo, Thalen and Grace. This week Kodra is off playing a rather convincing Fred from Scrooby Doo at Origins, and Ashgar disappeared mysteriously moments before the recording… and we are hoping everything is okay. The rest of us talked about some recent experiences giving games a second glance. The first game on that list is Wildstar and both Belghast and Grace have spent a significant amount of time back in the game. It has been amazing just what an embattled and often times struggling team has managed to accomplish. Similarly Tamrielo and Thalen have been checking out ArcheAge to find that community is much improved. Tam talks at length about what he likes about the design of the game, and how it manages to do a better job at being Rift.

Since Ashgar was missing we felt the need to give a huge plug to the Four Job Fiesta program and talk at length about how exactly it works. For Ashgar the “fiesta” is like a religion, and each June we know that sooner or later we are going to be hit up to join it again. This year he has pledged $10 for each AggroChat host that manages to beat the game and $5 for each AggroChat listener that beats the game and includes @AggroChat twitter handle on their victory shot. We talk about a number of other games including Lego Worlds, World of Warcraft, Shadowrun Returns and of course our getting prepared for the launch of the Heavensward expansion in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a big show chock full of lots of interesting discussions that we hope you will enjoy. “Please look forward to it.”

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World Boss Train

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