Ding 60 Warrior

The End is Near

almostthere This morning I have places on my body that are sore that I did not even know existed.  That said I feel like we have accomplished a lot this extended weekend.  Essentially my office and my wife’s office have not seen a major clean and reorganize in over a decade.  As a result mine especially was this dysfunctional hell hole, that I simply lacked the oomph or planning to figure out how to fix.  I’ve talked about the things I didn’t like about my setup for awhile, and my wife being the master planner that she is came up with a plethora of options…  some of which we finally implemented this weekend.  Similarly she really has not used her office in a year and a half for various reasons, and really wanted to go into the new school year with the ability to use it as a functional work space.  For me I wanted the ability to broadcast easier and simply have just a more comfortable space to hang out in.

Originally the plan was to just work from Friday through Sunday… but on a whim I opted to take Thursday off as well.  Quite honestly I have no clue how I would have even come close to finishing were it not for taking Thursday off.  That was essentially the day I realized just how deep the rabbit hole went.  We’ve taken a lot out to the dumpster we rented, and we are now working on preparing our second load to good will.  But last night I managed to get the office essentially configured.  Right now there is a lot more organizational stuff to do as I box up all of the miscellaneous cables that I have laying around from tearing down my computers the first time.  Similarly there are a few places in my office where I want to add some sort of cabinet or shelving but the above picture I took last night shows the basic layout.  So far I am really happy with it, and I think it is going to work well for the long run.  The mission for today is to set back up all of my consoles and rewire them to the PC via the Elgato.

Ding 60 Warrior

ffxiv_dx11 2015-07-04 21-18-28-30 With all the activity during the day, I have to admit I have been crashing pretty early most evenings during this break.  When I logged out Friday night I was roughly a sixth of a level away from 60, and figured a couple of dungeon runs would get me there.  Through out the day yesterday there were a few times where I took a break, but didn’t want to talk as much time as a dungeon run would require.  As such I started working on my clan hunts, thinking that I could dink my way through a few creatures at a time and get some experience in the process.  Clan Hunts are worth a surprising amount of experience, so as you are leveling seriously… do not over look them.  By the time I wound down for the night and wrapped up the clan hunts I was within a stones throw of 60.  When Thalen asked if I would be willing to tank the Library for him and Solaria… I jumped at the chance because I knew without a doubt I would ding inside of there.

Sure enough on the way to the second boss I dinged and also managed to pick up a few more items including this spiffy helmet…  that doesn’t really thematically match its chest piece…  but is still cool nonetheless.  Upon getting out of the dungeon I did the last few quests that allowed me to unlock the first of the level 60 dungeons, and I am hoping to run that today.  It took me almost exactly two weeks to hit the level cap, which is pretty good as far as I am concerned.  I did not have the raw time to throw at this game that some of our other free company members did, but I still feel like I moved through the content fairly quickly.  Now I can go back and start working on leveling my army of alt jobs, so that I can be multifunctional once again.  That is honestly the thing I have missed the most while leveling… is the fact that right now I am “only” a tank.  I know I have lamented this several times, but it is my hope to at least get the dragoon up there quickly.  Now begins the fun end game gearing process that I obsess over so much.

Moogles are Lazy

ffxiv_dx11 2015-06-21 19-30-55-67 Due to the Independence Day holiday we opted to record this show a little early this week, and instead of spending Saturday night talking about games, we spent Friday night.  As a result there are several of us who were not quite to level 60 in Final Fantasy XIV but have since caught up and pushed through to the level cap.  However we spent a good deal of time not talking about FFXIV. Grace managed to finish the crazy attunement system in Wildstar and attended her very first raid.  She gives her opinion of the system and how it compares to WoW and FFXIV raiding.  Additionally we go down the rabbit hole that is the Four Job Fiesta and talk Final Fantasy V and the various group compositions fate has given us this year.  I apparently was one job off from the legendary group composition that the person who started the event go their first year:  Monk, Berserker, Beastmaster and Dancer.  Instead the gods saw fit to give me a Samurai so I could quite literally “pay to win”.

We purposefully saved our discussion of Heavensward to the end of the show because I knew that was the one thing we were all playing.  It is extremely difficult to discuss this game without going into spoilers, so there are some details that might be spoiled if you have not played up through the Aery dungeon yet.  The awkwardness of this show was the fact that Ashgar is quite a ways behind the rest of us, making it extremely difficult to add to discussions… because at least one point during the show he made a conjecture that we knew the truth about, but could not really go into it for fear of spoiling key plot points.  My theory is that once we have all finished the 3.0 story arc we will do yet another big “spoil everything” show, like we did for 2.55.  The best snippet for me was when Grace decided to talk about her new loathing for Moogles after completing the Churning Mists zone.  Moogles are in fact lazy bums.

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Ding 60 Warrior

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