Serious Spelunking

Kromog Fell Down

Wow-64 2015-03-10 21-43-21-79 Once more we entered the Blackrock Foundry, and once more we made some progress in our eventual goal of killing Blackhand.  Generally speaking on Tuesday nights we try and clear all of our “farmed” content, some of which is less farmed than others.  We struggled a bit at Oregorger this week, but managed to get him on what I think was our third attempt.  That fight is just frustrating no matter how often  you do it.  I am not really sure what we were doing differently and if we were breaking boxes in the wrong order, but Oregorger was not going where we expected him to go.  Eventually through a combination of luck and perseverance we managed to defeat him, and move on to more interesting fights.  Quite honestly other than this rough spot, it was a pretty banner week given that we were down at least one healer the entire night.

Once again I got nothing of any use from the evening which is starting to get frustrating.  This is two weeks now without a single upgrade, even after spending plenty of bonus roll tokens.  My hope is that eventually there is going to be a week where everything I need drops all at once.  It is just frustrating when you can feel the entire raid getting better geared… and you are still stuck at roughly the place you started Blackrock with.  Our big accomplishment of the night is that we finally managed to defeat Kromog or Kologarn 2.0 as we tend to refer to him.  On the attempt we managed to down him I think I was the only person dead, or at least one of the only.  My issue was that I danced around with one of the tanks for a bit as we kept going for the same hand.  All told though it was a pretty great night of raiding, and I look forward to making progress on Thogar on Thursday.

Serious Spelunking

ffxiv 2015-03-10 23-43-54-28 While raiding is enjoyable and an important part of my week, it was far from the most important thing on my mind last night.  Since I have a level 50 of every role, I have decided to deep headlong into the hole that is crafting in Final Fantasy XIV.  Since I am making this my new mission I have decided to take it on in a rather methodical way, and that means focusing on leveling my Disciple of the Land “gathering” professions first to hopefully make feeding materials to the OTHER professions that much easier.  If you have been reading my blog you have known that over the last few days I made a very serious push to finish leveling mining.  Last night at the  beginning of the evening I was what felt like a stones throw away from 50 sitting at 48 and some change.  The problem is my evening did not work out exactly how I intended, and one thing or another kept sidetracking me.  By raid time I had managed to push through to 49 but had to take a break to beat up orcs and such.

After the raid however I went back to pushing the gathering leves.  The 45 leves in Coerthas send you all over that zone, or more importantly in three distinct areas.  One of the tricks I figured out is the keep doing the one closest to the leve master, with a hopes of stacking all three of the ones that were further away at the same time… and then going out and completing those together.  Each time you complete a leve it resets the ones the master offers.  Essentially it took a few trips to the closest leve and one trip to the three furthest and I dinged 50.  I have to give huge thanks to Thalen for hanging out and crafting me a full set of level 50 miner gear that I am wearing in the above picture.  The best part… is that /visor turns off and on the headlamp.  I have to say that a game is amazing if it can even make the crafting gear feel epic.

Lumberjack Time

ffxiv 2015-03-11 06-11-45-13 I wasted no time sitting on my laurels, because I have so much more to level in order to reach my goal of being an “omni crafter”.  This morning I started down the path of the botanist, which is essentially the guild of lumberjacks.  I have to say though… after playing a Warrior for so long… that axe feels really puny.  As of this morning I am sitting at level 5 and have completed the first quest.  For this next stretch I am going to try and push through as long as I can stand it on just harvesting material alone, to hopefully allow my level quest allowance to regenerate a bit.  Right now I only have 35 allowances, so it took most of the 99 maximum that I was sitting at to go from 30 to 50 mining.  That is really my only frustration with this process, is that I don’t really understand why there is a leve allowance in the first place.  There have to be better ways to farm gil than to grind leves over and over.

At least with leveling a battle profession, I can rely on dungeons and fates to replace the need for leves.  But with crafting of all kinds it feels like you desperately need those to augment the experience you gain through harvesting.  My hope is that once I start down the crafting path proper, I can use the Ixal dailies to make some serious headway.  The goal right now is to stair step up each of the professions.  So the first goal will be to take all of them to fifteen, then start raising them by 5 levels at a time.  The hope is to make it so that when I need an item from one profession for the one I am currently working on… I can craft those without much fuss.  This is a pretty significant undertaking, but I think I can accomplish it without burning out too badly.  Honestly so far with the gathering professions I find them extremely relaxing.  You end up hanging out, listening to the amazing music in this game, and clicking sparkly nodes.  Compared to tanking… it is a piece of cake!

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Serious Spelunking

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