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Whatever has a hold of me allergy wise is driving me insane.  I struggled my way to work yesterday only to be not so subtly asked to go home by my boss.  Apparently I sounded fairly horrible.  So I headed to the house and took a breathing treatment and attempted to be productive remotely.  Last night I took several Benadryl before heading to bed so I am hoping that helped get me over whatever hump I was struggling with.  This morning my head feels a lot clearer, but that might all change the moment I open the front door and are exposed to the world again.  My friends have joked that I need a bubble… and there are days that I agree with them.  To make matters worse we are under an Ozone alert day meaning that the air quality levels are already going to be horrible today.  There is a whole list of things that we are not supposed to do during an Ozone alert day, but the show must go on.

Yesterday I was a little bit spread out in what I ended up playing.  It was of course my World of Warcraft raid night, and at least on some level I was excited about getting in and getting more attempts in on Blackhand.  I spent quite a bit of time last night playing around on Cat Belghast in ArcheAge and honestly the more I play that side of the fence the more charming I find it.  I am naturally drawn the Nuians simply because it is the race I can create the closest facsimile of “Belghast” proper in.  However it is pretty much a bland European fantasy world, with the same vistas and characters we have encountered in essentially every MMO.  What makes Haranya interesting is they combine the tribal Firran with the Harani that are essentially steampunk engineers.  Quite honestly the Harani remind me of the Al Bhed from Final Fantasy X, and doing quests just seem more interesting than the Nuia side of the house.  I know Ashgar has a preference towards the cat people, and I guess I am developing that as well.  In any case I am really enjoying my time spent piddling around in ArcheAge.

Blackhand Down

Wow-64 2015-06-09 22-10-57-40 Last week on Thursday we had made a significant amount of progress on Blackhand.  On our best attempt we managed to get hit to 11%, so it was my hope that after some time away from the fight we could pop back in and pick up where we left off.  What made last Thursday challenging was that we were extremely short on melee so the walls were going down very slowly.  Last night we had some of our normal melee which made that part easier, but we were also down two of our main healers which added its own challenges.  However right out of the gate we managed to push to phase three like it was easy and at least match that 11% progress.  The rest of the night was spent fine tuning things and on our very last attempt of the night our raid leader managed to bring in a additional healer which seemed to push us over the top.  Unfortunately I spent the tail end of that fight in the lava as I managed to get clipped by one of the smashes while trying to execute spam Blackhand.

It feels extremely good to have defeated this raid tier, especially since Heavensward is right around the corner.  This was functionally my last week of raiding in World of Warcraft before going on a bit of a sabbatical.  I had hopes that we would be able to down him at least by Thursday, but now we are in the interesting position of not really knowing what to do with ourselves.  I guess Thursday if we have the people we will venture back into Heroic and see what mischief we can get up to there.  I know several of us are a single kill away from being able to get Mythic gear out of our Garrison loot boxes.  So in theory it would be nice to knock that kill out as well.  Similarly it has been talked about maybe just having a Heroes of the Storm night instead, since several of  the raid are also playing that game.  In any case it feels like I managed to squeak by another milestone fight before the buzzer.  So that is two raid Warlords raid tiers I have managed to defeat in this expansion and I am pretty happy with that.


Wow-64 2015-06-09 17-09-25-10 Even thought I am not enjoying World of Warcraft fight now as much as I had hoped I absolutely loved getting to raid with the guild again.  Coming back I was in an odd situation where I simply did not know many of the folks that had joined the guild I founded in my absence.  I am so happy to have been welcomed back with open arms and been allowed to get to know so many of them.  I am not saying I am “done” with World of Warcraft, but if I was I would be able to end on a happy note.  In a months time I might be raring to go and begin raiding again and pushing forward into Hellfire Citadel.  Right now however I just know that I need a break from this game.  I don’t want to try and split my attention between the new and shiny Heavensward content and Warcraft that feels very much like a worn in shoe.  It is comfortable, but as you walk down the street you happen to notice every blemish and scuff and remind yourself that you really should buy a new pair of shoes.  I am just thankful for the most part that people seem to “get” why I am taking a break.

I talked with Rylacus the man who wears the crown these days and explained it as this.  If I was forced to play Warcraft, when there was another game I would rather be playing… it would ultimately lead to me quitting the game again.  I think instead of I just back away for awhile, and let myself get Heavensward out of my system…  or at least to a manageable level I will once again be able to juggle multiple games.  The only problem I see is that there are a lot more people than just me that are in desperate need of a break.  Yesterday it was revealed that once again World of Warcraft is timing their next infusion of crack with the launch of a major game.  It seems that the 6.2 patch is going to land right around the time Heavensward officially launches.  The current rumor is June 23rd, and for some that might be just enough to keep them from straying.  For me personally, my heart already belongs to Final Fantasy XIV… I just spend time in Warcraft so that I can hang out with the friends that are still there.

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Blackhand Down

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