#Blaugust Day 4: Making Connections

My primary reason for blogging is to express my thoughts and get some of what I think about into a more finished form and in front of an audience.  In addition to that though, there's also a desire to better connect with a community that I'm a part of but don't always interact with.  I'm an introvert by nature so I have a tendency to lurk at the edges.  Blogging is one step towards counteracting this but I also want to be better about commenting on the blogs of others.

Liore's post about the importance of comments is what really got me thinking about this.  I rarely comment on blogs. To a great degree this is because I second guess myself and end up deciding that what I was going to say is silly or obvious.  I've often written a comment then deleted it and moved on rather than hit the submit button.  But even the least comment says 'I read this and thought it interesting enough to remark on', which is a nice thing to see in response to something you wrote.

I've decided to make a deliberate effort to comment on multiple blogs each day of Blaugust, and hopefully get in the habit of doing so more in the future.  I have to imagine that with something like 80 blogs participating at least a few will inspire a remark from me each day.  At the same time I'm going to try to make a point of engaging with those who comment on my blog.  It seems only right to let those who went to the trouble of responding to my thoughts know that I value their input.

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