More Raiding!

Blaugust 2015, Day 12

More Raiding!

As you can see from my tiny body, plummeting to its death, this place is huge.

Last night I was able to “help” my guild in their Genetic Archives run. Since this was my second foray into this raid, I had no excuses for the number of bad things I stood in. What I did have was a lot more fun. Since I had seen almost all the fights we did before I was a lot less overwhelmed and could actually relax and enjoy myself a bit more.

More Raiding!

I still love those loot explosions!

While large raid sizes are not really my favorite thing, there is something to be said for being able to blend in to the crowd and just shoot things. WildStar’s raiding seems ridiculously forgiving, at least at this level. I’m used to fights in FFXIV where one death out of 8 players can quickly spell disaster.  It is startling and refreshing that even though a few of us died early on the Kuralak fight the rest of the group was fine to push through without us.

I still haven’t come to terms with why I like DPSing so much in WildStar compared to other games, but I’m glad I do. On nights like last night it is way easier for me to hop in and help shoot things than to play a critical role like tank or heals.

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