The Villainy

Extra-Life : Support Liore!

The VillainyWe started out this year with every intention of doing Extra-Life as AggroChat.  However somewhere in the middle of all of this good intention… life happened.  At this point we have done nothing to prepare for Extra-Life and done absolutely no fundraising.  This means…  that AggroChat is not in fact doing Extra-Life this year but will be taking a rain check  in the hopes of rebooting this initiative next year.  In the meantime…  I highly suggest you support the person I am supporting for Extra-Life.  We have joked for awhile that AggroChat and Cat Context are similar enough that we should start having special “AggroCats” episodes where we jumble the cast together.  I feel like the podcast would end up feeling pretty similar.  Liore and Cat Context were so much inspiration when we decided to start AggroChat… so backing Liore in her Extra-Life is kinda like backing us!  In truth if not for Cat Context there would likely not be an AggroChat because that podcast taught me that it is perfectly okay to do a podcast with natural conversation instead of show notes and such!

It is my hope that even though I am not doing Extra-Life I can pop by on Liore’s stream and hang out a bit while she does her thing.  We even talked about potentially playing something that is all multiplayery that we can hang out and chat while doing.  I love the concept of this event, because it proves that gamers can in fact put their hearts in the right place and do amazing things for the world.  It is not in fact all about teabagging… and I was honestly shocked that was still a thing when I encountered it recently in Destiny.  Like people did that in the Quake 3 engine days… and I figured surely by now people had gotten over that “phase”.  I got off track…  anyways I highly suggest you pop by the donation page and throw a few bucks towards the cause.  I will be tuning in for as much of Liore’s stream as I can, so it should be a good time!

Favorite Weapons

Yesterday I decided to do a new sort of video for me, where I go into it with a specific topic…  you know like most youtube videos in existence.  Generally speaking YouTube is just this place where I dump backup copies of whatever I have streamed, and not something I really do intentionally.  This time around I wanted to talk a bit about the weapons I am currently using in Destiny and what I like about each of them.  So during the course of the video I go through my current arsenal:

  • Zhalo Supercell – Auto-Rifle
  • Hakke Zarinaea-D – Auto-Rifle
  • Suros DIS-43 – Scout Rifle
  • Suros Hawksaw – Pulse Rifle
  • Invective – Shotgun

I cannot fully put into words how excited I am that Xur had a Zhalo Supercell on Friday.  Other than No Time to Explain exotic… this was the weapon I wanted most.  This gun is so much fun, and more importantly it does a bunch of interesting things.  Namely it seems to be able to reach around shielded mobs when it procs.  So if you are fighting a Hive Knight or Cabal Phalanx… the procced lightning damage will still damage them even if they have the shield up.  This means this is my go to weapon for most strikes because it will simply decimate so many mobs…  and can drop the shield of annoying mobs like Knights, Captains and Harpies that have those Arc Shields.  I am really hoping that everyone who wants one of these got it this past weekend, because even though it is only 280 I was able to pour enough stuff into it to make it reasonable for most things.  Largely right now what I am lacking is weapon parts… and decent high level weapons to feed into my legendary weapons of choice.  I wish I knew the secret to getting decent drops… because I am equipping every last ounce of light I can before I start decoding, and still habitually ending up with 260-280 items that are utterly useless to me.

New Weapon

The Villainy

Traditionally my Hunter has used the hand-me-downs from my Titan as far as weapons go.  Then if I ended up really liking a weapon… I would end up stealing it from the hunter and giving it to my Titan instead.  I think the above weapon is the first time I am not going to do that.  On my Titan I already have a really capable Pulse Rifle in the form of a Hawksaw, that nicely rounds out my weapon arsenal.  If you want to hear more about it, I go into it in detail in my video above.  The other day I managed to rank up with Future War Cult that my Hunter reps… and the package handed me one of their weapons called the Villainy.  I didn’t think much about it and ultimately it took me awhile to get around to testing it out.  Yesterday during our Star Wars pen and paper session I spent a good deal of time running around in Destiny on my hunter and chewing through the backlog of bounties.  During most of that time I used this weapon, and I have to say… I am liking it.

The Villainy

If you look at the two weapons… Hawksaw and Villainy they stack up pretty closely… but I have to say in almost every possible way the Villainy is just better.  It has significantly more impact, more range, more stability…  similarly reload.  The more I look at it verses the Armory profiles for each weapon… I am guessing I simply just got a really ideal roll on my Villainy.  This is one of the things I like about this game that would end up driving others absolutely insane.  I like that two different weapons from the same family can vary so much, because it makes you feel like this weapon or that weapon are more “yours” because they may not be exactly the same as anyone else’s version of it.  My specific Villainy has Partial Refund, Perfect Balance, and Third Eye… and it is an absolute amazing weapon to use.  Part of me is hoping to get another one just to see how different they might feel.  All I know for certain is that for the time being…  this weapon is the go to for my hunter.  I also posted a picture of my hunter above just because he looks kinda bad ass right now.  I am hoping to get more pieces of the Neuroghast set… because seriously…  that name is fitting for me, and it looks pretty amazing.


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