100th Episode Mishap

Things Happened

This morning I am blogging a bit out of sequence, because things happened.  Normally speaking on Sunday mornings I go through a little ritual.  Traditionally I manage to get what I think of as my first pass edit done on Saturday night, so that Aggrochat mostly resembles its final form by the time I go to bed.  I get up in the morning and mash it all together and do the final pass, before posting it all over the place.  Last night however… when I listened to the show my heart fell in my chest as I noticed that it was significantly screwed up.  All it took was for me to see the waveform to realize that something just wasn’t right, and I thought it was pretty much going to be an entire loss.  This morning however I screwed with the audio until I reached a point where… it is still very much screwed up but it is salvageable.  Essentially for whatever reason on the new Teamspeak setup my recording is completely jacked an sounds like trying to watch Cinemax in the 80s when you didn’t have it added to your subscription.  Admit it guys… we all tried to sneak a peak at stuff we shouldn’t be seeing through the constant mechanical hum.  The original pass this morning sounded pretty much exactly like that with me being shifted to a higher pitch than normal…  dubbing it Chipmunk Bel.

After a few hours of trying various things I managed to isolate a lot of the hum, and now instead it just sounds like I am in the witness protection program and disguising my voice with a really horrible modulator.  I think the show might be salvageable, and I am getting a push by our fans on witter to go ahead and post what exists.  The thing that shocks me is just how little I have freaked out over this.  The worse case scenario was that we lost a show… and in the the grand scheme of things it is pretty much a miracle that this… show 100 is the first time we have really had major issue.  Sure there have been times we have gotten disconnected in the middle of recording and that I have had to knit together a show out of two pieces.  However overall we have had really good luck, so much so that we never even thought about having more than one person try and do a recording at the same time.  In the future however I think we are going to have a bot hanging out doing nothing but recording the channel with the hopes that it catches everything in one nice constant volume stream.

Stuff Went Wrong

Additionally on the positive side everyone OTHER than me last night sounded amazing.  So the new set up seems to be great…. once I can sort out what the hell went wrong with my side of things.  That is what is so screwy is that while talking everyone else said I sounded great too, however when it came to actually recording my own voice it went horribly wrong.  If nothing else doing the bot recording thing should take care of that problem, but I still think there is some setting somewhere that is wrong… given that teamspeak saves audio settings on a server by server basis and even at times a channel by channel basis.  The plan is to do a bunch of testing between today and next weekend and will hopefully sort out which magical setting unscrews my voice.  In the meantime however I am pretty damned proud of how much I managed to minimize the effect.  Granted things are still screwed up… but they are in a much less screwed up state than they were this morning.  One of these days I really need to take some lessons in audio engineering because it would help if I had a damned clue what I was doing.

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