Broken Blog

Bad Morning

This morning is already not off to the most amazing start.  I had a blog post roughly one paragraph from posting and for whatever reason things went south.  This morning I patched WordPress and with it a number of plugins…  including the text editor that I use to edit my blog posts.  I am guessing something went south in the process, because it just ate a blog post.  As a result you are going to get a very shallow shell of the post that I was going to make, because I am running out of time.  Yesterday itself was a rough day for me,  because it seems like I picked up some sort of a stomach bug.  As the day went on I was running a low grade fever, alternating between chilling and smothering…  and suffering from what I can only term as “intestinal panic” in polite company.  I managed to make through a super important meeting that I had scheduled last week… and that could dictate the success or failure of a big project at work.  However after that I went home and spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, consuming Gatorade and not trusting myself with anything more substantial than saltine crackers.  It was not exactly a joyous occasion, however as the afternoon turned into evening I managed to feel a bit better and eventually filtered upstairs to check out the Destiny patch.

The most vexing problem this morning however is that my blog seems to keep clearing out my posts.  What makes this all the more frustrating is that I am only a few weeks away from hitting three years of posting every single day… and my blog appears to be broken.  Anyways this is somewhat of a half assed post but I am going to continue trying to make it until it finally takes.  Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will have sorted out what caused my blog to break and will be able to make a proper post.  If this worked…  I had to go through to post on my blog…  which is just not sustainable for the future.  Testing something really quickly to see if I sorted out what plugin was causing the issue…  if you see this message I apparently did.

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