Farewell Flower

First Casualty

One of my big concerns about our trip last weekend was not so much the long lag in blog posts…  but the lack of ability to take care of my “flower babies”.  I have become oddly emotionally invested in the lives of our flowers, and while our animals are super hardy and resilient…  flowers seem to constantly teeter on the brink of death.  Some of our more thirsty flowers I had been watering morning and evening just to make sure they were nice and happy, and unfortunately it is an insane request to ask someone else to do that.  So we left Friday hoping everything would be fine, and my flowers would survive until I got back.  For the most part things are fine but we have a few of these “c word I cannot pronounce” plants… I think it is something like Catharanthus.  We got them as hanging plants… and the purple/pink mixture and yellow/orange mixtures are still thriving.  However over our disappearance the red/white mixture started to struggle.  In fact the entire red plant withered and died, and in truth given how happy the others seem to be I don’t feel like I can really blame it on the care.

The plant probably would have struggled even if I was there babying it along.  However it still is a little sad to see it… and while we removed as much of the dead plant as we could…  and by dead I mean spaghetti brittle stems…  the white half of the planting seems to be struggling as well.  My hope was that by removing the dead plant it would give the thriving plant more room to spread out.  The other awkward problem we are having is… it is raining constantly and it is hard striking a balance of when we should and should not water ourselves….  and when the rain water is good enough.  I realize the plantings that we have currently are annuals and at some point they will all die out, but I am not looking forward to seeing it.  Of the two of us… I am definitely the nurturer, and I just want to take care of the flowers so that they live forever.  Even thought I know that is not something that is actually going to happen.  The other flowers are lovely however, and if the white half of the planting does die as well we will likely replace it with something else in that planter.

Senor Sabotender

Farewell Flower

As far as gaming goes, last night I split time between Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV.  I feel like I am still getting into the swing of things after returning from our trip, and as a result I have wound up getting super tired significantly earlier than normal.  I am sure the extra sleep isn’t hurting me either, so I am largely indulging in the earlier bedtime.  As far as Destiny goes I spent a bit of time piddling around on my Hunter and running strikes to knock out some quests.  On both the Warlock and Hunter I have really done very little of the post level cap missions that the game throws at you, and as a result I don’t have legendary artifacts on either of them.  This is the single slot that is dragging down my gear score the most, so I attempted to solo some Court of Oryx.  Unfortunately I kept getting the twins, which for whatever reason is very hard for me to solo as a hunter.  I initially summoned thinking that folks were actively running court, however as soon as I popped the coin I saw the familiar animation of them going to orbit.  I did however knock out several strikes towards the “run 5 strikes” quest.

Farewell Flower

As far as FFXIV goes I decided I should probably spend my evening working on the current event that is going on in the Gold Saucer.  There is a murder mystery that ends up rewarding you an /eureka emote that makes you look like the stereotypical MMO quest giver with an exclamation mark over your head.  Instead of showing you this emote however I am showing a picture of Memusu Tsuuma who I happened to log into the game the other night standing right beside.  I love seeing orange names while I am out running around, though so many of them I cannot remember exactly where I knew them from.  That was not the cause with Memu however, how I have absolutely abducted into all of my regular multi-game shenanigans.  Something I noticed about hanging out in gold saucer…. random people come up to me and give me a hug.  I am guessing it is the Bunny Samurai thing, which has become sort of my trademark look.  As far as the questing went, it took a long time to gather up all of the evidence needed for the mystery… but thankfully the game will tell you when you have found all ten of the items with a little message saying that you cannot find anything else of use.  Now I just need to devote some time to finishing out the 3.2 story line to be ready for when 3.3 lands on supposedly the 7th.

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