Regularly Playing: September/October Edition

Once again I have let a bit of time pass since my last one of these posts.  As a result I am going to do a combo post since I think I can for the most part predict what the next month will bring gaming wise.  The general idea is that every so often I “true up” my sidebar, and bring it into alignment with what I am actually playing on a regular basis.  Some of these might be an every day occurrence, but they represent a regular rotation of games you are likely to see me talking about.  Since I am apparently unable to do these monthly, it might just be a sort every other month thing.  Originally I admit this was designed as easy to conjure up content, for when I was struggling to think of anything to write…  and somehow became something more in the process.

To Those Remaining

World of Warcraft

Regularly Playing: September/October Edition

At this very moment this is sort of my gaming “main squeeze”.  It feels really strange to once again be enthralled by WoW after it teetered on the brink of being removed from this list for so long.  Legion was extremely good, as were the events leading up to it.  The only slight problem I am having is that my army of alts is seeing far less love than they did in Warlords.  Right now I have two characters to 110 the new level cap, and in truth I could probably never alt again and still have plenty of things to do.  The catch there however is that I once again want access to tradeskills that my army of alts had.  The first alt I pushed to 110 was done for the fact that I wanted access to mining…  not necessarily because I wanted to play that character.  In fact once I hit 110 I have tried really hard to shift that character to DPS mode after largely leveling as a tank, because I am not sure if I really like tanking as a Paladin.  Paladin tanking just doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as Warrior tanking does right now, and as a result when I tank instances for my friends…  I find myself missing Belghast.  Instead I am trying to focus on being a Retribution paladin, which works well enough given that the bodyguard for Paladins is a tank.  In any case…  I could rattle on at length about this game but chances are you too are playing and have your own stories.  Legion was the expansion where Blizzard learned so many lessons and I believe in some small way started transitioning the game to an interesting future.

Final Fantasy XIV

Regularly Playing: September/October Edition

This game is barely holding in there and I wrote about my feelings at length the other day.  There is just something about the game that isn’t clicking with me, however over the weekend I found out that the story line is leading to apparently a pretty interesting place.  That means that over the course of this week I will be popping in and consuming locust-like the new content patch in the hopes of being able to talk about it on next weeks AggroChat.  For this reason more than any others I am leaving it on the list, in the hopes that wherever they are going with the story will rekindle my fires of caring about the game.  For the time being however it teeters on the brink of removal, knowing that even if I do… it is certain to make its way back eventually.  Final Fantasy XIV is one of those games that I truly love… even if I don’t necessarily want to be playing it at the moment.


Regularly Playing: September/October Edition

Rift is also teetering precariously on the precipice of being removed from the list.  The only reason being because I just simply am not playing right now.  I have too much other stuff that is keeping me engaged and at the moment my “rift time” involves logging in every day to collect rewards and then logging right back out.  That said I know that Starfall Prophecy will be coming soon and with it a number of changes that sound like they are going to be excellent for the game.  For the moment however I am collecting the pre-launch currency and seeing just how many I can end up getting before things go live.

To The Returning and New

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Regularly Playing: September/October Edition

I knew this one would not stay gone long from the list, especially with the impending release of an expansion.  I’ve talked about my thoughts on Rise of Iron, and while it seems strange to call it an expansion…  it is definitely a return to amazing Destiny fun.  The more time I spend in the plaguelands the more I love them, and it seems like right now it is fitting this role of wanting to play something… that doesn’t require much of me.  I end up booting it up quite often when I first get home from work, or if I am trying to wind down before going to bed.  It lets me get in… kill some baddies and walk away with some loot…  some of it is actually usable.  There are some interesting things going on, namely that engrams seem to upgrade in quality way more often.  I opened two legendary engrams last night and got exotic items from them for example, and while blue engrams seem to be light locked at 340…  they are upgrading into legendary items pretty often as well.  I am definitely enjoying myself again and looking forward to being able to hit the light levels that will allow me to do group content once again.

Guild Wars 2

Regularly Playing: September/October Edition

Now in the “games I never thought I would be adding to this list” category we have Guild Wars 2.  I have a bit of a sordid past with this game, so much so that I don’t even think I have an existing sidebar graphic for it.  However this month thanks to Tam latching onto it… it is seeing a bit of traction among the AggroChat crew.  As a result I am begrudgingly playing it much the same way as Tam is begrudgingly playing World of Warcraft.  We still have yet to run a dungeon, which is something we need to remedy and the next time the folks are doing content in this game… I really need to log in and join in.  For the most however any time I would spend in this game is getting gobbled up by the Legion machine.  I really need to give it more of a fair shake… in spite of not quite feeling like I want it to feel.

To Those Parting

Pokemon Go

This one is leaving not entirely of my own choice.  For quite awhile now this has been my go to boredom mobile game and a huge motivation to get out into the world and walk.  However recently they released a patch that has effectively locked me out of the game.  For whatever reason my phone shows up as it has been rooted… even though it is not.  This is a problem that is happening to a ton of people playing this game, and I have a feeling that it is caused by the fact that there is an update that fails to patch into my phone.  I’ve gone so far as to wipe the phone and take it back to a factory rom and still run into the problems with one patch failing to load past 28%.  As a result I am barred from participating in this game, and it is leaving the list.  I keep hoping that at some point they will remove this patch and I can get back to catching pokemon, but I highly doubt that.

Diablo 3

This season was a bit of a struggle because at the same time it launched… the pre-launch event started up in Legion.  Any time I would have been spending in Diablo 3, got gobbled up by World of Warcraft.  Grace and I however made it through the season journey, or at least in my case far enough to unlock the cosmetic items.  There is no way I am going to be spending enough time to unlock the stash tab this time around, and my support structure in this game is also devoting 100% of their time to WoW.  So for the time being I am removing it from the list until next time a season starts up.

No Mans Sky

This one never really stood a chance.  It launched at a time when I was super devoted to a bunch of other games… and quite honestly I just have not given it the time needed to really sink its teeth in.  The bit I played I enjoyed, and I could see myself spending hours playing it.  The big problem however is it is not a game I am playing with friends… and felt super lonely.  There are times I need this sort of game, and I am sure when I get into one of those extended funk periods I will break it back out and roam the lonelyverse.



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