August 2018 Gaming Goals

Happy Blaugust everyone! Before I dig into this week’s theme, I wanted to keep up my monthly tradition of evaluating my goals, seeing how badly I failed at meeting them, and then steadfastly creating new ones anyway. Note: I wrote most of these goals before seeing the new quest content in WoW yesterday. I’m not sure if I really want to follow through with them anymore but I’m putting them here anyway because I don’t have any other goals in mind right now.

July Goals:

WoW: Finish one priest transmog set from WoD and the last one I need from MoP. Done! I’ve completed all the variants from MoP and the LFR set from Blackrock/Highmaul. It feels like cheating since I had most of it already from garrison missions but I’m still counting it as a win.

Level one allied alt to 50. Maybe?? Does boosting count? I boosted a highmountain tauren. I still want to level one normally so I can get the heritage armor though.

Figure out who my main will be for BfA. Done. Sort-of. I boosted that highmountain druid on a new server so I can potentially raid with Belghast. I think I would still be agonizing over my choice but the free loot faucet from the pre-launch event was enough to force me to choose so I didn’t miss out.

August Goals:

WoW: Complete at least one more WoD transmog set. I know I’m going to put this aside for a while once BfA launches but I’d like to finish one more before I do.

Complete “Raiding with leashes IV”. I am only missing the pet that only drops from 10N Lich King. I hate trying to get it because it feels like I’m wasting an attempt at Invincible, but I really want to finish this achievement so I can get my celestial bunny.

Level my druid through BfA. This is a no-brainer.

D3: Unlock adventure mode on a HC character. My hardcore mode achievement list is shameful. Although I’ve leveled to 70 with friends using their adventure mode, I never actually unlocked it myself. Time to fix that.

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