Masterwork Colossus

Masterwork Colossus

Last night I managed to push through to Masterwork Colossus.  It might not be the most optimal build but I was just mostly going for being able to experience what having a heavily armored Chonky Boi feels like.  It is pretty good but all in all I still feel like it is really sluggish to play as.  I need to spend a night running a bunch of strongholds in an attempt to get better abilities, because the currently batch I am using doesn’t really make sense even in the simplest of terms.  However they are both orange and as a result I am using them…  because based on my experience with the Ranger… it generally makes enough of a difference to make it worthwhile.  I am deeply looking forward to the March 12th patch and seeing how the game feels after that because it sounds as though they are giving the weapons a little loving.  My next goal in the queue is to start branching out and trying other weapon combinations, seeing as I have mostly just used a handful of weapons the entire time I have been playing and I have a vault full of interesting sounding Masterworks.

The truth is I did not have a terribly productive night seeing as I spent most of it trying to fight falling asleep.  I am still coming down off being used to consuming three or more Energy Drinks a day…  and as a result everything feels way harder than it should.  I could have probably gone to sleep around 7 pm last night but my wife was not ready until around 9:30 so I managed to hold out until that point.  I spent a lot of the night doing more passive things like watching YouTube than I actually did running content in Anthem.  My hope is as we clear the weekend I will have distanced myself from the influence far enough that I will once again begin to feel like myself.  The further into this I get… the more I realize how much it was actually needed.  I am going through some of the basic signs of withdrawal…  constant headaches, dizziness, muscle aches, alternating between feeling like I am freezing and feeling like I am burning up.  I realize it is nothing like ACTUAL withdrawal but man it still sucks.

My hope is as we make it to the other end of the weekend that a lot of these symptoms will lessen.  Yesterday however was pure hell to make it through, and there were several times that I contemplating going to the vending machine and just saying fuck it.  So yeah that is my world right now and until I get on the other side of this I am probably not going to be doing a lot of thought provoking content.  I hope you have an excellent Friday and an even better weekend.  Tomorrow I get donuts…  so there is at least that to look forward to.


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