Waiting for Apocalypse

Seasonal Hunter

Waiting for Apocalypse

Last night was the tale of me doing a bunch of things to avoid thinking about the fact that I was not yet playing Fallout 4.  Throughout the day people were unlocking it through either legitimate means of happening to be in the right time zone… or through some chicanery.  If you have access to a VPN tool, you can in theory make your system look like it is from a time zone where a game has already unlocked.  This means however that you have to stay connected to said VPN the entirety of your time playing the game… either that or go completely offline.  Thusfar Steam seems to have turned a blind eye to this practice but my fear is that someday… they won’t.  I ultimately value my Steam account far too much to risk losing it just to play a game a few hours early.  So as a result I was like the rest of the nation waiting on midnight eastern time for the game to unlock here.  The problem is when you want to be playing one thing… and can’t…  nothing else really seems that much fun.

I instead decided to work on some things that I had been meaning to do.  Since the BlizzCon madness of the weekend I had been poking my head into Diablo 3 periodically, and before the season 4 crunch had played out for us… I managed to get a Demon Hunter within a stones throw of 70.  In fact I was sitting at 68… which ironically is exactly the point at which I got my non-seasonal Monk.  I oped to work on grinding out that last little bit so that I could at least say that I finished both the Warrior and Demon Hunter during the season.  While I had some fun with the Hunter, I doubt I will play one again because in truth… it really just is not my style.  My final play style centered around using whatever ability generated a ton of hatred… and then using that to fuel the fan of knives attack and rapid fire, and through a combination of those two I could pretty much burn down anything.  I dinged 70, crafted a ton of gear…. and now my hunter is probably going to sit in this state for eternity.  At some point I would really like to finish up the Monk just so I can check that one off the list.  That leaves only the Wizard that I have never gotten close to capping.

Pre-loading is a Lie

Waiting for Apocalypse

The tale around Fallout 4 is a little bittersweet for me.  Months ago I was happy as hell to have managed to get one of the rare elusive Pip-boy edition pre-orders.  The problem being… it was silly expensive, but was going to be a one time only type thing.  I have long wished I had gotten the bobble head version of the Fallout 3 collectors edition with the metal lunchbox.  Fallout is one of those franchises that really gets me as a player… and since saving my pennies in college to buy the first one at Wal-mart…  it has been one of those games that will just consume all of my time for a period of months.  The problem being… in the meantime we have had a whole slew of unexpected expenses, not the least of which is the home renovation that we are going through.  As such I ended up doing the adult thing… cancelling my Pip-boy pre-order and going with the significantly cheaper Steam version of the game.  The positive is however that I was able to pre-load the game… and in theory play it last night.

I say “in theory” because while I struggled to stay awake until 11 pm central…  when I finally was able to hit play a whole other process started of “unpacking” the game.  At times this said it was only 13 minutes away…  at other times 4 hours…  because in truth the system had no clue how long this would actually take.  After about ten minutes the progress bar was less than an eighth of the way through so I finally gave up and went on to bed.  This morning however I got in and played through the first little bit of the game allowing me to create a character and at least get my family into the vault.  This game is so damned pretty… but more than that the motion and movement just feels better.  One of the many things I did last night to pass the time was to start a new game of Fallout New Vegas… and I had forgotten how much NOT a shooter that game was.  I still love it immensely but the movement and motion felt pretty damned stilted.  This however controls beautifully, and I was shocked to see my fairly old machine being able to run it on what it suggested as Ultra High.  We will see just how well that actually works once we leave the vault and venture out into the world.  But alas that will have to wait until after work tonight.



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